About the University Honors Program

StudentsThe University Honors Program (UHP) launched in 2002, graduating its first cohort in 2006. The UHP was established to promote interdisciplinary learning and undergraduate research, strengthen the intellectual climate of the campus, and maintain the vision of the liberal arts as central to the college experience.

Students in the UHP benefit from a challenging curriculum that prepares them for meaningful careers, graduate school, and professional programs. Utilizing seminar-style pedagogy, Honors classes are small and interactive, including several course that are team-taught by faculty who bring expertise from various fields. Honors students develop close relationships with these faculty members, who instruct, mentor, and collaborate with them during their time at Cal Lutheran.

In addition to the benefits of dynamic Honors courses, Honors students enjoy many extracurricular opportunities (such as cultural excursions, social events, speakers, and student-faculty gatherings). Students also receive exceptional support and one-on-one advising from the Honors Program staff.

To celebrate students' intellectual journeys and academic achievements at Cal Lutheran, students who complete the University Honors Program (see requirements below) graduate "with University Honors," and those who maintain a Cal Lutheran GPA of 3.5 or higher receive "University Honors with Distinction."


Click here for the checklist of course requirements for completing the University Honors Program

Click here for the online Dynamic Forms version of the course requirements 
(this is to be submitted your senior year as you are applying for graduation)