Walter K. Stewart

Walter K. Stewart, Ph.D.

Professor of German

Walter Stewart, Ph.D., UCLA, publishes widely in a number of subjects such as Goethe's works, American and European Folklore, and structuralism with a number of reviews, refereed articles, and some ten books to his name. He has served as the bibliographer for Dissertation titles on Goethe and his works for the Goethe Society of North America for the last twenty-six years. He is recognized internationally as a German, Goethe, and Nietzsche scholar.

In addition to teaching courses in German, Philosophy, Egyptology, and genre Film Studies such as Film Noir, Hitchcock, Sci-Fi, and German Cinema, he also has spent the last two decades teaching and focusing on international political issues and has presented lectures on International Relations at Oxford University's prestigious Union Hall.

Among his publications are Zarathustra, a historical novel on the life of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, and Tesla, a historical novel concerning the famous inventor.

Dr. Stewart has also published a detective novel entitled Sweet Deadly Dreams and followed it up with Death be Nimble, Death be Quick, and Death on Demand--his fifth novel and third detective-genre work in the same series.

His German in Action is a pedagogical German text that is in its second edition. He he also written an advanced second and third-year text, Intermediate German.

Stewart's philosophical study, Nietzsche - My Sister and I: A Critical Study, is an in-depth analysis of the orphaned and often disputed work in the Nietzsche corpus. Dr. Stewart's tome on Nietzsche, Friedrich Nietzsche - My Sister and I: Investigation, Analysis, Interpretation. is the second volume in his work on Nietzsche's My Sister and I.

Dr. Stewart has specialized in the philosophy of Nietzsche for some 35 years and renewed his early research on the last two books while staying as a guest at the Nietzsche Archives in Weimar, Germany. Both books represent ground-breaking investigations of international importance in Nietzsche scholarship.

He also wrote, produced, and directed a feature film, Sweet Deadly Dreams that featured top-notch actors including academy-award nominees and winners which gained him recognition and Best Director and Best Film accolades at a number of film festivals here and abroad.


  • B.A., California State University, Northridge
  • M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
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