Master of Public Policy and Administration

What Our Students Say

Lindsey Workman

"The MPPA classes effectively balanced the theoretical aspects of public policy and public administration with real-world application. The result was an education that gives me another analytical framework to approach difficult situations that I see every day in law school."


Simi Valley, Calif.

Professional Position:

Law student and legal intern at Oklahoma City District Attorney's Office in White Collar Crime

Favorite CLU Class:

Law and Public Policy

Most Challenging Assignment:

Drafting a California ballot initiative. We were required to think about the California ballot initiative process, the policy implications of our initiative, and how to present our initiative to the voters in the media. The assignment required me to synthesize the topics we read about in class and apply them to a topic I was passionate about.

Key to Keeping Balance In Life:

Set aside an hour in the evening to decompress


Basketball and moot court

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