Communication skills are essential in every career. Those who can express their ideas clearly and adapt their messaging to different situations will have an advantage in their professional lives. That’s why the Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication is such a valuable and versatile degree.

In this program, you’ll learn how to analyze and connect with diverse audiences, craft compelling cross-platform messaging and navigate the ethical dimensions of media content. Our curriculum is designed to create savvy professionals who can critically assess the influence of the media on stakeholders and society.

Graduates from the bachelor’s in strategic communication program are multi-talented professionals who are ready to apply their expertise in media messaging and critical thinking across a wide range of industries and jobs. See the strategic communication curriculum.

At Cal Lutheran, we pride ourselves on providing personal attention to each of our students. Our classes are intentionally kept small so that you can connect with your instructors and peers. You’ll also have access to a personal academic counselor who will guide and support you every step of the way.

This major is part of our Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals program, which is designed for working adults and lifelong learners resuming their education. Each student enters the program with a minimum of 24 transfer credits, with many bringing in even more credits.

Program Overview


Courses offered online or on campus in Thousand Oaks


Evening classes once per week, Monday – Thursday


Flexible part-time and full-time options


Complete the degree in as little as one year

What You’ll Learn

This hands-on program guides students through the essentials of media theory, effective communication strategies and the creation of powerful communication campaigns. Graduates will be able to:

  • Understand communication as a discipline, including its central questions and key theories, perspectives, principles and concepts
  • Acquire practical experience in the field of communication, honing the ability to craft messages that are tailored to specific audiences, purposes and contexts
  • Employ discipline-specific methods to critically analyze the impact of messages, while understanding the broader influence of the communication discipline on others
  • Apply ethical principles in communication practices
  • Recognize and incorporate individual and cultural differences

“My favorite thing about being in the Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals program is that it gives me a chance to actively work on my career while I’m getting my bachelor’s degree. I’m making the most out of my time by gaining experience and working on my major.”

Maria Fernandez, ’23

Strategic Communication Degree Curriculum

Required courses

All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted

Foundation courses

Research Writing for Professionals

Advanced Research Writing for Professionals

Essentials of Statistics

Media Literacy in the 21st century

Persuasion and Influence

Principles of Strategic Communication

Principles of Professional Communication

Theories of Mass and Strategic Communication

Research Methods

Legal Perspectives and Strategic Communication

Pop Culture and the Public Sphere

Global Issues and Public Engagement

Strategic Communication Campaigns


Select at least two from the following:

Digital Content Creation (Creative Arts)

Organizational Communication

Ethical Perspectives and Strategic Communication

Total Credits to Complete the Degree

To graduate, students must complete 124 credits minimum. This total includes:

  • Major courses: At least 45 credits are completed through strategic communication major courses. Out of these, at least 36 credits must be upper-division courses (these courses are identified by course numbers in the 300 and 400 ranges).
  • General education and other courses: The remaining credits can consist of general education courses, additional major courses if desired and any transferred credits.

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