Students may, with the approval of the program director, program dean and the university registrar, transfer relevant graduate level courses taken in allied graduate programs (e.g., MBA) at this or other regionally accredited universities.

Unless otherwise indicated, all courses are 3 credits.

PA 501 Public Administration and Public Policy

Introduction to public administration; modern theories of administration and public policy.

PA 502 Public Policy Seminar

Small group tutorial experience designed for in-depth exploration of a topic or problem.

PA 505 Local Economic Development

This seminar examines strategies employed in the pursuit of state and local economic development. It emphasizes practical application and implementation of economic concepts and strategies which address the challenges of competitiveness, growth, sustainability, and community revitalization.

PA 507 Strategic Planning

This course provides an understanding and application of strategic planning and performance measurement in the public and non-profit sectors. It emphasizes the practical application of economic concepts and planning tools which address the challenges of competitiveness, growth, sustainability, and community revitalization.

PA 508 Sacramento Institute

The course provides a multi-perspective examination of policy development processes through first hand observation of the policy process. Students travel to Sacramento for a four-day seminar at the State Capital and interact with lawmakers, lobbyists, media, legislative analysts, regulators, political consultants and executive branch officials.

PA 510 Leadership

The course is designed to develop a set of core competencies and improve leadership practices. Topics covered include the historical development of leadership theories, communication, strategic analysis, leadership styles, organizational structure, and teambuilding.

PA 512 Communication

The course is intended to prepare students to think strategically about communication and to improve writing, presentation and interpersonal communication skills within a managerial setting. Professional and interpersonal dialogue and group communications will be explored. Managerial writing, public speaking, positive self-presentation and techniques for effective meetings will also be covered.

PA 550 Research Methods

Study of current methods of conducting research in Public Administration; problem definition, hypothesis construction, research design, sampling, collection, evaluation of data and interpretation of findings.

PA 554 Public Budgeting and Finance

Public budget planning, formulation, analysis and implementation. The; the fiscal role of government. The; the problems of revenue and expenditure planning, administration and control.

PA 556 Inter-Governmental Relations

An analysis of the problems, practices and policies relating to the management and financing of inter-governmental projects; relationships between local, state and federal governments.

PA 562 Human Resource Management

Governmental personnel systems. Policies for classification, compensation, training and advancement. Public employee unionization. Developing strategies for collective negotiations in public organizations.

PA 565 Organizational Theory and Development

Organization, leadership, and decision theory, and contemporary developments in management and behavioral sciences are emphasized.

PA 568 Ethics in Public Policy and Administration

An examination of moral issues which arise within a public organization, e.g., privacy, obligation to obey the law, government responsibility, etc.

PA 570 Civic Engagement

Examine the role of citizenry in our democracy, and in the formulation of public policy. With a focus on local governance, introduces the student to the importance of engaging members of the public in decision making.

PA 571 Non Profit Management

Introduction to principles and practices of management for nonprofit organizations. Includes survey of important issues facing the nonprofit sector and best practices. Topics will include governance, strategic planning, marketing, advocacy, public-private partnerships and fundraising.

PA 577 Conflict and Negotiations

Explore the major concepts and theories of the negotiation process. Special emphasis will be given to the dynamics of interpersonal and intergroup conflict and resolution.

PA 582 Selected Topic

Topics of current and particular interest or concern in Public Administration, e.g., arbitration and collective bargaining, criminal justice policy, environmental policy and public healthcare policy.

PA 582 (ST) California Policy Development and Political Process

This course provides a general examination, combined with select case studies, of the intricate political and institutional pressures placed upon our state and local policymaking process, including direct democracy, term limits, campaign finance, diversity of population and geography, special interest group advocacy, political parties, polls, and the separation of powers.

PA 593 Public Administration Theory

Systematic analysis of the ideas and ideals which have influenced the study of public administration; exploring theories of public administration. Emphasis on state and local government.

PA 595 Implementation and Analysis of Public Policy

A broad study of interactive processes which operate in the formation, maintenance and application of public policy. An opportunity to examine the policy process in selected public agencies. An examination of the relevant analysis as it relates to administration in the public sector.

PA 596 Urban Policy and Planning

The course addresses contemporary theory and application of community development. The course focuses on the components of planning and the interaction of planning with different elements of government. Topics include policies relating to land use, growth management, redevelopment, property rights and other issues impacting urbanization and development.

PA 598 Law and Public Policy

An analysis of the impact of court and legislative decisions on public policy, with particular emphasis on public institutions; examining how public policy is shaped by law. Topics include: employment discrimination, managerial liability for negligence in hiring, training, supervision, etc., civil rights violations, employee rights in the workplace, and more.

PA 599A/B Thesis/Project

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