Sabith Khan, Ph.D., M.P.A., M.A.

Program Director

Director and Assistant Professor, Master of Public Policy & Administration (MPPA)
Virginia Tech 2015
American philanthropy, International Development, Leadership, Nonprofit organizations, Organizational change and impact of technology.

Jacqueline Phelps

Adjunct Faculty Member

Loredana Morra Carson, Ed.D.

Lecturer and Academic Advisor, Master in Public Policy and Administration
California Lutheran University 2020
international student success and engagement, education policy, adult education, community college success

Herbert Gooch III, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science
University of California Los Angeles

Alexander Balkin, Esq.

Adjunct Faculty Member
Alex is an attorney currently working as an Inspector General for the Department of the Navy.

Christopher L. Beck, J.D.

Adjunct Faculty Member
Southwestern Law School 2011
City Attorney

Jeff Burgh, M.P.P.A.

Adjunct Faculty Member

K.T. Connor, Ph.D.

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
University of Southern California 1975
PhD in Communication from USC, background in Organization Development, Management, Value Science,Talent and Culture Assessment.

David Gonzalez, Jr.

Adjunct Faculty Member

Dante M Honorico, M.P.A., M.B.A.

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
Public administration, law enforcement management, disaster/emergency preparedness, jail construction

Juan M. Ponce, M.P.P.A.

Adjunct Professor-School of Management

Andrew P Powers, M.P.P.A.

Adjunct Faculty Member

Trevor Richmond

Adjunct Faculty Member

Lauren Rowlands

Adjunct Faculty Member

Sandy Smith, M.P.P.A.

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member