Child Welfare and Attendance Specialization

Child Welfare and Attendance issues impact many of the most disenfranchised students in K-12 public schools, and the CWA specialization empowers future practitioners to better assess, understand, and respond effectively to support these students.

In addition, completing the CWA specialization enhances a practitioner’s understanding of the importance of student attendance and discusses strategies to improve student attendance. As chronic absence is now one of the metrics on the California State Dashboard for public schools, districts may be interested in hiring new counselors who are prepared to support their schools with reducing chronic absence rates.

EDCG 540: Child Welfare and Attendance Seminar (3 credits)

An emphasis on school, home, and community factors contributing to school attendance, related laws and intervention programs designed to enhance attendance and school safety. 150 hours of fieldwork at a school site is required under the supervision of an experienced PPS credential holder. Prerequisite: EDCG 533.