Access to Big Data

Conquer the growing demands of information technology and be ready to lead business innovation by applying cutting-edge technologies and techniques.

Big dataTimely and relevant information has become the lifeblood of our economy. More than ever, businesses depend on IT to maintain and make sense of a continually growing stream of data — and then use these virtual insights to provide solutions to the real problems they face.

Learning how to solve these problems requires working with real-world data. Lots of data. Big data. That’s why Cal Lutheran students have access to invaluable research resources, including a fully functional data processing cluster and actual, realworld data sets.

Our students have been able to utilize:
  • 15 years of domestic flight data to get insights into the causes of flight delays and recommend the best time/day and airlines to avoid flight delays.
  • 12.5 million Amazon customer reviews to create a new approach to recommending products to potential customers.
  • Yelp and Foursquare data to develop travel recommendations.
  • 45,000 tweets from Twitter to discover which aspects of a new product are receiving the most public attention.

This kind of experience gives Cal Lutheran graduates an edge in the field, allowing them to jump into new environments and begin providing valuable solutions immediately.