Communication skills are essential in every professional career. Part of what makes communication a popular college major is career flexibility.

Graduates take many different paths, including positions as market researchers, media editors and designers, journalists, advertising executives, human resource managers, corporate trainers, public relations practitioners, and media managers and consultants.

At Cal Lutheran, students develop a strong understanding of:

  • The history of media
  • Written and verbal communication applications
  • The legal and professional contexts of the marketing and entertainment industries

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Major Requirements

Required credits: 39 credits minimum; 24 upper division credits. 2.0 minimum GPA.

Required Courses

COMM 101 (4) Introduction to Mass Communication
COMM 231 (4) Media Writing

Upper Division

COMM 350 (4) Communication Theories
COMM 351 (4) Research Methods
COMM 490 (1-4) Independent Study Or COMM 492 (1-4) Internship

Applied Communication

One of the following:
COMM 306 (4) Business & Professional Communication
COMM/BUS 375 (4) Principles of Marketing

Mass Communication 

COMM 308 (4) Politics in Cinema
COMM 405 (4) Freedom of Communication

Human Communication

COMM 301 (4) Persuasive Communication
COMM 315 (4) Small Group Communication


FILM 307 (3) Screenwriting

Minor Requirements

20 credits; 12 upper division credits, 2.0 minimum GPA.

COMM 101 (4) Introduction to Mass Communication
COMM 231 (4) Media Writing
COMM 350 (4) Communication Theories 
Additional 8 Upper Division Credits in Communication


All classes within this program are offered on-campus and in-person.

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