Information Technology

  • E-Forms – The Information Systems Services (ISS) department is launching an Electronic Forms project to one-by-one convert paper forms to electronic forms. This project is aimed at reducing the consumption and flow of paper on campus, and reduce the time it takes to process the many forms used on campus.
  • E-Waste – ISS uses proper methods for disposal of e-waste, including batteries, cell phones, and computer components. Some personal computers are re-cycled to k-12 schools after removing all Cal Lutheran data and software. If the equipment has no additional useful life, it is recycled by an e-waste recycler.
  • Server Virtualization – Rather than have single applications running on individual servers, ISS uses special software to turn one physical server into several virtual (server) environments. The benefit is to reduce the number of servers as well as reduce the amount of energy consumed.  
  • Working with the student senate, ISS obtained and installed a double-sided network printer in the library. The default option is double-sided printing, which so far has saved a lot of paper!
  • Cal Lutheran purchases only Energy Star certified computers and monitors, and has replaced all CRT monitors with more efficient flat-screen displays.