The MBA degree requires 45 semester credits equivalent to 15 courses of work which must be completed within a seven-year period (8 required, 2 emphasis, 4 elective courses and 1 capstone course).

Additional course work may be required for individuals whose academic records reflect the need for preparation in the areas of accounting, economics and/or statistics. The requirement for this preparation is determined during the admission interview.

Basic knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet and database application is expected.

View the required courses and descriptions below.

Core Courses (24 credits/8 courses)

  • MBA 505 Enterprise Management, Organization and Strategy (3)
  • MBA 508 Business Ethics and Law (3)
  • MBA 507 Organizational Behavior (3)
  • MBA 509 Marketing Management (3)
  • MBA 510 Strategic Decision Making (3)
  • MBA 511 Macroeconomics in the Global Economy (3)
  • MBA 506 Information Technology Management (3)
  • MBA 513 Financial Principles & Policies (3)

Emphasis Courses (6 credits/2 courses)

Students pick two courses; one must align with Professional Concentration Track. To obtain a general MBA degree, students are required to take six courses from this list of Emphasis courses.

  • MBA 520 Marketing Research (3)
  • MBA 521 Corporate Finance (3)
  • MBA 522 Innovative Business Models (3)
  • MBA 523 International Business (3)
  • MBA 524 Human Capital Management Strategy (3)
  • IT 509 Data Management (3)
  • MBA 525 Sustainable Business Strategies) (3)

Professional Concentration Courses (12 credits/4 courses)

Students take four courses from the list of electives for their chosen professional track, or instead take six emphasis courses above for a General MBA concentration.

Capstone Course (3 credits/1 course)

Students must complete one capstone course from the following capstone options.

  • MBA 591 The Business Plan (3)
  • MBA 590 Internship (3)
  • MBA 592 Executive Roundtable (3)
  • MBA 599 MBA Project (3)
  • MBA 594 International Travel (3)
  • MBA 595 Consulting to Business (3)

Foundation Courses

The following courses may be required for individuals whose academic records reflect the need for preparation in the areas of accounting, economics and/or statistics. These courses are in addition to the 45 credits required for program completion.

  • MBA 500 Foundations of Advanced Academic and Professional Practices (3)
  • MBA 501 Foundations of Accounting (Financial & Managerial) (4)
    (Note: 4 credits - includes compressed weekend in addition to weekly class meetings)
  • MBA 502 Foundations of Economics (3)
  • MBA 503 Foundations of Business Statistics (3)

Priority Registration

To ensure a timely graduation, Full-Time MBA students are scheduled into classes on a priority basis by officials of the MBA program. The MBA office determines the class schedule of each full-time student, taking into consideration academic progress, completion of prerequisite courses, meeting days and times of core and elective courses, the balance of international and domestic students in each class, and other factors.

Length of Study

Full-time students can complete the accelerated MBA program in as few as 12 months of intensive study. However, students may take longer to complete their MBA, if they choose (15, 18, 21, or 24 months). This decision can be made prior to arrival, after arrival, or modified while enrolled in the program.