The 15 course, 45 credit program of student includes 12 core courses (including the capstone class) and 3 elective courses. Also see descriptions for core courses and a list of elective courses. Note that not all electives are offered every term. However, multiple electives from each emphasis area are available during each academic term.

Core Courses (36 credits)

  • BUS 521 Statistical Analysis for Managers (3)
  • BUS 522 Management Science (3)
  • BUS 531 Managerial Economics (3)
  • BUS 551 Managerial Accounting (3)
  • BUS 565 Organizational Theory and Development (3)
  • BUS 567 Behavioral Science for Management (3)
  • BUS 568 Business Ethics (3)
  • BUS 573 Law for Business Executives (3)
  • BUS 575 Marketing Theory (3)
  • BUS 581 Management Concepts for Information Technology (3)
  • BUS 591 Financial Principles and Policies (3)
  • BUS 574 Strategic Management (3)

Elective Courses (9 credits)

Students take three courses from the list of electives for their chosen professional track, or instead take any three electives across all tracks for a General MBA concentration.

Foundation Courses

The following courses may be required for individuals whose academic records reflect the need for preparation in the areas of accounting, economics and/or statistics. These courses are in addition to the 45 credits required for program completion.

  • BUS 511 Foundations of Accounting and Finance (3)
  • BUS 512 Foundations of Business Methods and Communications (3)
  • BUS 513 Foundations of Economics (3)
  • BUS 514 Foundations of Quantitative Methods (3)

Priority Registration

To ensure a timely graduation, Full-Time MBA students are scheduled into classes on a priority basis by officials of the MBA program. The MBA office determines the class schedule of each full-time student, taking into consideration academic progress, completion of prerequisite courses, meeting days and times of core and elective courses, the balance of international and domestic students in each class, and other factors.

Length of Study

Full-time students can complete the accelerated MBA program in as few as 12 months of intensive study. However, students may take longer to complete their MBA, if they choose (15, 18, 21, or 24 months). This decision can be made prior to arrival, after arrival, or modified while enrolled in the program.