For students who will start the program in Fall 2016 or after.

Discover the natural advantages that result from your company's small size, speed, agility, flexibility, sensitivity to customers' needs, creativity, a spirit of innovation, so you can successfully compete. You will become excited about the possibilities, the challenges, and the rewards of owning your own business and acquiring the tools you will need to become successful. You will be able to work at doing something you really love.

Required Emphasis Course
  • MBA 522   Innovative Business Models
    (Student must take this cooresponding Emphasis Course along with an additional Emphasis Course of their choice.)
Professional Concentration Courses

Choose four from the following:

  • MBA 550   Agile Product Development
  • MBA 551   Entrepreneurial Marketing and Selling
  • MBA 552   Entrepreneurial Finance
  • MBA 553   Growth Stage Venture Management
  • MBA 5STE   Special Topics of Entrepreneurial Management

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