Sumantra Sengupta, Ph.D.

Program Director

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member

Ali Akbari, Ph.D.

Professor of Business Administration

Gerhard Apfelthaler, Ph.D.

Dean, School of Management
Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (WU) 1997

Loredana Morra Carson, M.P.P.A.

Lecturer/Academic Advisor
California Lutheran University 2011
international student success and engagement, education policy, adult education, community college success

Jamshid Damooei, Ph.D.

Professor & Chair, Economics, Finance & Accounting; Co-Director, Center for Leadership & Values; Interim Director, MPPA
Economic Analyses of Social Issues, Public Policy Analyses, Economic and Social Impact Assessment, Program Evaluation

Harry A. Domicone, Ph.D.

Professor of Business Administration
University of Cincinnati 1995
Strategic management; Management of services

Virginia Y. Gean, MBA, CMA

Senior Lecturer
Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA 2002
Virginia Gean has been teaching at CLU for 15 years and she brings her 30+ years of real life business experience to the classroom, to enrich the subjects of Accounting and Finance

Bruce Gillies, Psy.D.

Assistant Professor of Business
Alliant International University 2002
Leadership Coaching, Organization Development, Strategic Human Resource Management, Career Counseling, Sports Psychology

Veronica Guerrero, Ed.D.

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Professor

Ran Lu-Andrews, Ph.D., CFA

Assistant Professor
University of Cincinnati 2011
Corporate Finance, Real Estate

Valeria Makarova, Ph.D., MBA

Assistant Professor

Michael S Panesis, MBA

Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurship
Rutgers University 1989
Entrepreneurship, startups, new venture creation, new venture investment

Judith Lynn Richards, MBA

Senior Lecturer
Marketing, International Marketing, Marketing Communications, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Erika Schlomer-Fischer, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor
WSU, U of Copenhagen, Thunderbird Graduate School of Global Management

Mary Jo Shane, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Director of International Student Success

Jeffrey Speakes, Ph.D.

Visiting Lecturer
University of California Berkeley 1978

Vlad Vaiman, Ph.D.

Associate Dean and Professor, Interim Program Director, EMBA/MBA/MSM
Talent Management, International Management, Human Resources, Business Education

Dan Hieu Vo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
University of Victoria 2013
Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Finance, Finance, Applied Microeconomics

Paul R. Williams, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Finance
Claremont Graduate University
Corporate Finance, International Finance, Investments

Laura Azzalina Rigali

Adjunct Faculty Member

Gregory Barnes, M.B.A.

Adjunct Faculty Member
California Lutheran University 2004

David Boberg

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member

Suzanne Callender, MS, MBA

Adjunct Faculty Member
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1999
Digital Marketing, Sales Management, Analytics, Entrepreneurship

David W Church, MBA

Adjunct Faculty Member
University of California, Los Angeles - Anderson School of Management 2010
Senior Vice President, Bank of America. Expertise in organizational behavior and project management

Meghan B. Clark, J.D.

Adjunct Faculty Member
Gonzaga University School of Law 1998

Todd E Dooling, MBA

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
California Lutheran University

John J Duffy, J.D.

Adjunct Faculty Member
Civil Litigator

Leslie Felding, B.S., M.A.

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
Skilled in leadership, business communication, problem solving , goal setting, and gap analysis.

Celia Feramisco, MBA

Adjunct Faculty Member
Marketing, Marketing Communications, and Advertising

Stephen Finch, MBA

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
California Lutheran University 2008
Finance, Corporate Management, Behavioral Finance, Investments, Financial Planning, International Finance, Entrepreneurship

Gilbert Farrell Gean, Ph.D

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
Georgia State University 1981

David J Habib, J.D.

Adjunct Faculty Member

Jodi Hill, MBA

Adjunct Faculty Member
Pepperdine University, MBA 2004
Corporate, Brand and Product Marketing, Marketing Communications, Advertising, and Public Relations

Joseph Huggins, M.A, MBA

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member

Bonnie L Johnson, C.P.A., M.B.A.

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University 1995
Economics and Strategy

Kapp L. Johnson, J.D.

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
University of LaVerne College of Law 1995
Business Ethics and Law

Theresa Loss, J.D.

Adjunct Faculty Member
Arizona State Univ-Walter Cronkite School of Journalism 1986
Extensive experience in civil litigation - see detailed areas of practice below.

Mary Ann Mace, MBA

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member

Gloria Macri, Ph.D

Adjunct Faculty Member
Dublin City University 2012
Teaching and researching in the fields of intercultural communication; social research methods; race, ethnicity and diaspora studies; cultural identity; and the new media

Richard B. McAndrew, B.S. Finance

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
Arizona State University 1971
Global Information Technology, International Sales Management, International Business Management & Human Resource Leadership

Nanette S. Metz, Ph.D.

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
University of Nebraska at Omaha 2007
e-learning successful outcomes, organizational theory, transportation policy, unmanned aerial vehicles and aviation developments

Sheila Moore, Ph.D.

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member

Scott D. Nelson, CFP(R), MBA

Adjunct Faculty Member
California Lutheran University

Ken Norland, MS

Adjunct Faculty Member
MS University of Kansas 1971
Senior Software Manager and Consultant/Startup Business Mentor

Nicholas G. Novosel III, MBA

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member

Carlo Ohanian, MA

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
Economics and Quantitative Methods

Carl R. Oliver, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty Member
Fielding Graduate University 2004
Business ethics; organizational development

Donald G Perrin, Ph.D.

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member

Per-Olov (P.O.) Pettersson, Ph.D.,

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
California Institute of Technology 1996
Management Science, Program Management, Image Sensors

Adam Pollock, J.D.

Adjunct Factulty Member
Utah State University B.A. 2009
Estate Planning, Probate, Business Advising, and Business Formation

Michael Saum, M. Eng

Adjunct Faculty Member

Morris Shechtman

Adjunct Faculty Member

Daniel Shuster

Adjunct Faculty Member

Charlie Sibbald

Adjunct Faculty Member
Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Pitching and Presenting, Finance, OB, Accounting

Victoria V Silchenko, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty Member
entrepreneurial finance, financial modeling, feasibility, venture capital, private equity, crowdfunding, royalty financing, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), IPO, liquidity

Daniel S. Smith, MBA

Adjunct Faculty Member
Global Business Development - Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Operations

Jonathan Sundberg, Ed.D.

Adjunct Faculty Member
Pepperdine University 2016

Edgar A. Terry, MBA

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
Financial Analysis & Agricultural Finance

Adrian Tylim, M.S.

Adjunct Faculty Member
Corporate Sustainability and Renewable Energy Systems

Margarita Vaiman, MBA, MSC

Adjunct Faculty Member

Sushma Vasudevan

Adjunct Faculty Member