Management and Organizational Behavior

(Currently not available for new students)

The Management and Organizational Behavior Track equips managers to understand the dynamics of complex organizations. In addition to specific skills in decision-making, human resource management, conflict resolution, labor and management relations, and issues related to cultural diversity, students will study relationships between organizations and their external environments. They will explore how organizations can respond responsibly to the ecological environment and to social responsibilities. CLU graduates will be prepared to foster innovation, participate in resource acquisition, facilitate change and enhance production and services within their organizations.

Prerequisite Core Courses:
  • BUS 565 Organizational Theory and Development
  • BUS 567 Behavioral Science for Management


Choose three from the following:

  • BUS 503 Project and Change Management
  • BUS 516 Management & Marketing for High-technology Innovations
  • BUS 529 Executive Roundtable
  • BUS 542 Applied International Management*
  • BUS 545 International Strategic Planning
  • BUS 553 Current Issues in Management
  • BUS 554 Communication for Management
  • BUS 556 CSR & Social Enterprise*
  • BUS 558 Organizational Dynamics
  • BUS 559 Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness*
  • BUS 561 Human Resource Management
  • BUS 576 Sales Management
  • BUS 577 Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • BUS 580 Business Transformation
  • BUS 585 Production and Operations Management 
  • BUS 586 information Systems and Business Strategy
  • BUS 587 Management Concepts for eBusiness
  • BUS 592 International Business*

*Elective also available online