Liberal Studies in Education


Prepare for your credential program.

If you want to pursue a single subject teaching credential after completing your bachelor’s degree, this minor pairs well with any major. It will ensure that you have the foundational teaching skills and knowledge to be successful in your credential program and beyond.

What you’ll study

The three foundational courses in the program will provide you student teaching opportunities in the classrooms of surrounding school districts so that you can explore teaching experiences in elementary, middle and high school. You will see first-hand what the work of a teacher is like, assisting them in determining which age range of students they would like to work with.

The foundational courses are:
  • Introduction to Teaching and Learning (LSED 362)
  • Liberal Studies Seminar (LSED 382)
  • Theories of Teaching and Learning (LSED 402)

You are required to take two additional elective courses.

All of your classes in this minor will challenge you academically as you explore, examine, and engage with teaching and learning concepts.

Our current system of K-12 schooling is complex, so this coursework will help you gain the specialized skills and knowledge required to effectively meet the needs of all students. You will also have opportunities to explore the many societal pressures impacting the work of teachers, along with opportunities to investigate both the societal and philosophical contexts that shape the teaching profession.

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