Spanish Media


Produce and publish your own Spanish media content for student media.

You’ll refine and improve your Spanish-language skills while applying it to real-word Communication courses.

What You’ll Study

In this program, you’ll learn to communicate information and express opinions with a variety of audiences in Spanish. You’ll be able to articulate a rich understanding of your own linguistic and cultural identities and use reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making skills to connect with a variety of multilingual and multicultural situations. Upon completion of the minor, you’ll be able to investigate and create Spanish-language content based on a deep understanding of the connection between languages, cultures, and the communities they represent. You’ll also analyze the way media interact with and affect society at the individual and macro level.

Graduate as a competitive candidate for future employers

Cal Lutheran is one of the only private liberal arts institutions in the nation that offers this minor. This program is ideal for students who are comfortable using Spanish, especially heritage speakers, as a certain level of Spanish experience is needed to produce content. As California and the nation become more bilingual, employers are demanding more Spanish-language expertise from their employees. You’ll graduate with an impressive résumé, strong Spanish-language writing samples and a network of Spanish media professionals.

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Working in Spanish media, compared to English media, provides a different focus in not just language but culture, population and places that can only expand your creativity and sense of consciousness. Being involved with El Eco has navigated the professionalism in my Spanish-speaking, demonstrating the importance of gathering information and the power of keeping the reader intrigued. I enjoy providing information to a broader audience when working with El Eco and it provides me, as a Latina, a warm sense that I’m giving back to my culture and family.

Magally Lopez
Psychology Major

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