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April 10, 2024

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How Fifty and Better Saved Me

Submitted by Kathy Denny

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I live in New Jersey. Our son and his family ( three grandsons now in their 20″s) live in Thousand Oaks and , because of this, for more than ten years we have come to Oxnard during the winter months to be near the family and to escape the east coast cold. During these stays ,I had been fortunate to make many dear friends in California. Then, lo and behold, four years ago COVID strikes and we were quarantined in our house in New Jersey. My husband was not well so we could not risk going out for even the most mundane of things for fear that his health might be compromised. The days were long and lonely And then, fortunately, one of my California friends told me that California Lutheran was about to offer classes on zoom as part of their FAB program. Then the world changed: I had wonderful interesting classes and interaction with others. Now I had something to look forward to each week. At that time everyone was on zoom so there was always chatting with the teachers and other students ,as well as wonderful lectures. It suddenly seemed so normal again. Soon my sister from DC joined the classes and it became a real East Coast family affair in the midst of Covid. All the professors were/are wonderful, and the highlights of my week were signing into these sessions.
As you can see, Cal Lutheran is very special to me and now for the crowning glory: Both my sister and I, from the east coast, have happily continued with the FAB classes on zoom. And this year I was in Oxnard and returned to FAB classes in person! I was able to see my dear friends face to face again. And guess what – I took two wonderful classes which are the norm for FAB.

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