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April 10, 2024

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Fifty and Better

Submitted by Cherie Wrigley

Featured photo for Fifty and Better

My name is Cherie Wrigley. I live right here in Thousand Oaks. I have since 1961 when our family relocated from the San Fernando Valley when I was 9 years old.I lived In the Wildwood area for 27 years right across Lynn/Olsen road from California Lutheran College. My niece and her husband live there now.
My whole family has seen C.L.U.grow from a small private College campus to the large expansive university that it is today!
I was taking lifelong learning classes at several venues once I retired after 32 years of teaching in the C.V.U.S.D. in 2006.
When Covid hit, a friend told me about the FAB class offerings at C.L.U. I barely knew how to use Zoom but I soon became an avid fan! I love so many of the class offerings and they keep me very engaged on a regular basis. I love learning in this way. People around me are surprised because I am so hooked on FAB! I choose not to attend classes in person anymore although CLU offers many hybrid courses. The convenience of Zoom is just too overpowering…No driving, looking for a place to park, getting ready etc.
I have so many favorite teachers and classes. All of them are wonderful and professionally executed. A few of my favorites are Eleanor Schrader who offers an amazing array of classes. Dr. Herb Gooch whose political knowledge is unparalleled. Dr. Jason Hensley and Dr. Cliff Wilcox are also super interesting. Tony Moon and Gary Ginnel teach very engaging Music classes. There just aren’t enough words to say how happy I am with the FAB program.The directors/FAB Team deserve a tremendous amount of credit for everything running so smoothly. Christine Tierney is especially helpful. Whenever I have missed a class or needed help with anything her bright, cheerful presence is there to offer support.
This program is the best run extended learning program I have ever been involved with. I am so grateful to be a part of the FAB community!

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