CAL ACT Institutes

Active, Collaborative, Transformative teaching and learning.

Our ACT Institutes are a hands-on workshop intended to promote the spread of active learning in science classrooms. CAL ACT faculty participants will receive a $500 stipend for attending an Institute and an additional $250 stipend for follow-up activities (class visitations, brief reports, networking activities).

For more information, see the following web page: CAL.

Upcoming CAL ACT Institutes

October 6-7, 2017

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ACT Institute faculty participants will:
  • Evaluate and analyze empirical studies that support AL pedagogy
  • Evaluate and rank sample recorded classes on a “traditional” to AL scale
  • Reflect and rank their own current pedagogy on a “traditional” to AL scale
  • Identify ways to apply AL in “lecture” classes
  • Convert at least one of their current passive teaching elements to an AL one
Faculty will leave each institute with:
  • An understanding of the operational definition of AL
  • A solid foundation in the constructivist educational theory underlying AL
  • An appreciation for the positive impacts of AL pedagogy in improving student learning outcomes and in reducing achievement gaps between traditional and underrepresented students
  • An awareness that AL encompasses many different, complementary, pedagogical approaches
  • An ability to create AL course environments that reflect the process of science
  • A concrete action plan to implement AL in at least some of their classes
  • A network of peers seeking to deepen their own understanding and implementation of AL