About the Center

The Autism and Communication Center (ACC) promotes practices that support inclusive schools and communities based on the notion of presumed competence for individuals with autism. ACC aspires to develop individuals who are empowered to choose and use alternative forms of communication in order to realize their educational and civic potential and to become meaningfully included in school and community settings.

Our mission is to offer educational, communication, and community inclusion resources—through workshops, conferences, research and resource information development—to P-20 students with autism and the teachers, providers, caregivers, administrators, and families who support them.


What We Offer

  • Resources and supports to individuals with autism.
  • Professional development and training for teachers and support providers.
  • Conferences and workshops for families and caregivers.
  • Research to support the autism community.
  • Online and video resources to inform, educate, and connect.

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Stay Connected

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