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Defending Latina/o Immigrant Communities

Panel lecture with author Alvaro Huerta and artist Salomón Huerta

Defending Latina/o Immigrant Communities

Alvaro Huerta, PhD, and his brother, Salomón, who holds an MFA, combine their creative and scholarly efforts to defend and to affirm the humanity of one of the most vulnerable groups in this country: Latina/o immigrants. Using his rigorous academic training, public policy knowledge and community activist background, as well as his personal and familial experiences as the son of Mexican immigrants, Alvaro Huerta defends los de abajo, or those on the bottom, in a recent book featuring art by Salomón, a critically acclaimed artist who has exhibited across the globe and whose work is currently on exhibit in the Kwan Fong gallery. The book also investigates intersectional issues related to race, class, place and state violence.

Two of eight siblings, Alvaro and Salomón grew up in abject poverty in Colonia Libertad in Tijuana, Mexico, and in the Ramona Gardens public housing project (Big Hazard projects) in Boyle Heights. This background in Baja and Alta California influences their work.

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