2024 Conference: Separating Myths from Realities

Challenges Undocumented Immigrants Face and Their Economic Impact in California



This conference brings attention to the economic and social life of undocumented immigrants in California. The most crucial objective of this conference is to separate the prevailing myths from the realities of life and the economic contribution of undocumented immigrants in the State of California. The conference will feature the release of a study on the socio-economic profile and economic impacts of undocumented immigrants in California. The study's author will present highlights of the study.

This conference provides information and analyses on the challenges of living as an undocumented immigrant in California by presenting a panel of experts on the most critical topics. Among the issues that affect undocumented immigrants are their protection from the law or the absence of it, the difficulties of living and raising a family as an undocumented immigrant, their human value as members of our communities and contributors to the California economy, and the pressures that undocumented immigrants face on a social and economic level.

The panel aims to strike a balance between the realities of undocumented immigrants, their economic contribution, and the moral imperative to give attention to undocumented immigrants as an essential part of our peaceful coexistence in the state of California, regardless of our documentation or legal status. The conference hopes to bring dialogue, information, and empirical evidence for making informed, evidence-based public policies at the local, regional, and state levels.

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Explore important topics and gain valuable insights into the hidden undocumented immigrants in California.

Access the Study:

"Demographic Profile and Economic Impact of Undocumented Immigrants in California"


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Selected Findings of the Study:
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Dr. Jamshid Damooei

  Professor & Director, Economics and Executive Director CESI

Panel Moderator

Dr. Sabith Khan

 Program Director, MPPA


Álvaro de Regil Castilla

 Executive Director, The Jus Semper Global Alliance

Dr. Thai V. Le

 Research Scientist, USC Dornsife Equity Research Center

Lindsay Toczylowski

 Co-founder and Executive Director, Immigrant Defenders Law Center

Apolonio “Polo” Morales

 Deputy Director of Programs and Campaigns, California Immigrant Policy Center

Nidia Bello

 Santa Paula Policy Advocate, CAUSE


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Jamshid Damooei