Distinguished Speaker Series & Conferences

The Speaker Series brings to the campus exceptional people, who have encountered and overcome enormous obstacles by calling on their compassion or moral courage.

The Conferences section includes two types of conferences:

  1. Conferences organized by 'The Center for Economics of Social Issues'.
  2. Conferences where speakers from the Center participated.

Past Speakers

October 2020 Speaker:
"The Underlying Causes of Immigration from Mexico to the U.S."

Mr. Alvaro De Regil Castilla
Executive Director, Jus Semper Global Alliance

  •  Dr. Lyle Wray: "How Sustainable is Sustainability?"
  • Russ Harrison: "Immigration and Engineering Employment - A Policy Perspective"
  • Kamran Mofid: "Promoting Globalization for the Common Good"
  • Manuel Pastor: "Making Regions Work: Conflict, Collaboration, and the Common Good in California"
  • Jason Smith: "The Ultimate Test: Disaster Response and Preparedness... The Red Cross response to recent disasters"
  • Carla Garcia Zendejan: "Environmental issues along the US-Mexico border"
  • Marino Cordoba: "His life story and the current situation in Columbia"
  • Torbjorn Ihre: "The European Union: What is it? What does it mean to you?"
  • Elisabeth Palm: "Justice and Vice President of the European Court of Human Rights"
  • Laurie Harris: "The Rise of Women in Law: Challenge, Change, and Perspective"