What Does It Take to Call a Place a Home?

A Conference on Undocumented Immigrants

Lundring Events Center

ImageThis conference presented a comprehensive socioeconomic profile of undocumented immigrants on the central coast of California and their regional and statewide economic impacts in each of the two counties and statewide. 

Attendees watched a short video of a visit by a group of students and faculty to migrant shelters in Tijuana, Mexico. Center for Economics of Social Issues colleagues also presented perspectives of transitory migrants as they navigate their lives in transit, and share some of the findings of interviews carried out by our students under their professors' supervision.

Specialists from both Mexico and the United States shared their views and research findings on various pertinent social, economic and legal issues of undocumented immigrants and their challenges before and after settling. exploring these important topics and gaining valuable insights into what it takes to call a place home.

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Qualitative research 


Keynote Speaker

Susana Cruickshank

 President of the Centre for International Cooperation and Public Management Studies (CECIG)


Yissel Barajas

 CHRO, Reiter Affiliated Companies

Maureen McGuire

 CEO, Farm Bureau of Ventura Country

Álvaro de Regil Castilla

 Executive Director, The Jus Semper Global Alliance

Nidia Bello

 Santa Paula Policy Advocate, CAUSE


Dr. Akiko Yasuike

 Professor, Sociology at Cal Lutheran University

Sabith Khan

 Program Director, MPPA

Jamshid Damooei

 Professor & Director, Economics and Executive Director CESI


Students Speakers

Jonathan Leon

 Lead Intern for Gender and Sexuality at the Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion

Stephanie Gamboa

 MPPA Student








Center for Economics of Social Issues



Jamshid Damooei