David Jemison

Enrollment Systems Analyst

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Email: djemison@callutheran.edu
Phone: (805) 493-3337


  • The 4th Industrial Revolution is Changing Higher Education-What You Need to Do
    The 4th Industrial Revolution is completely disrupting the ways we recruit/educate our students. We must adapt to and adopt the changing technologies. More importantly, we need to be the leaders of change: re-vamp the marketing/admission channels, re-think the traditional classroom, and re-invent the entire college experience for our students. The 4th IR will cause many careers to become obsolete, while bringing new ones into existence. All of us must change radically!

  • Develop an Effective Online Presence for your Business
    To survive in today's connected world, your business MUST have an effective online presence. Do you need a website with your own domain, or is a Facebook page sufficient? How/where can you advertise online? What types of content marketing and networking needs to be done? Do you really need an App? Each business is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.