Julia Fogg, Ph.D.

Professor of Religion

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  • Women and the Bible

  • Saint Paul

  • Jesus' World

  • The Apocalypse: What the Bible really means?

The Rev. Dr. Julia Lambert Fogg is Full Professor in the Religion Department. She specializes in the New Testament, first century Christianity, theologies from the margins, border crossing narratives, and cross-cultural reading practices. Named Professor of the Year by CLU class of 2008, she led the Religion department for 7 years as Chair (2009-2016). In her teaching she focuses on developing innovative, immersive and relational pedagogical methods, particularly for experiential and transformational learning with students. Dr. Fogg utilizes immersion and service learning methods to teach both theory and practice in her courses on Pauline letters, Global Jesus and Liberation Theology. She has lead CLU students on a travel seminar to Turkey. In her investigation of Paul’s letters, especially Philippians, Dr. Fogg argues that Paul understands salvation in terms of a present and future, material and spiritual, social communion between Christ and his followers embodied in their concrete daily practices. This puts community life at the center of theology and church practices. Dr. Fogg's current research focuses on biblical readings from the margins. Her book, Finding Jesus at the Border: Opening Our Hearts to the Stories of Our Immigrant Neighbors. (Baker-Brazos Press. April 2020) examines border crossing narratives in the gospels and shows how these illumine and are illumined by the experiences of young Latino/a immigrants who crossed borders to arrive in Southern California. Dr. Fogg is also dedicated to teaching in the Theological Education for Emerging Ministries (TEEM) program at CLU's seminary, PLTS in Berkeley.