Haco Hoang, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science

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Email: hhoang@callutheran.edu
Phone: (805) 493-3433


  • US Foreign Policy
    Description: Analysis of major current events in the world and how they impact the US and its foreign policy. Topics may include US security interests and terrorism.

  • Politics and Policy in the City of Los Angeles
    Analysis of major policy and political issues facing the City of Los Angeles, from the perspective of an academic and policy analyst.

  • US Relations with Asia
    Analysis of key factors that shape US relations with various countries in the Asia-Pacific region including China and Southeast Asian nations.

Dr. Haco Hoang holds a Ph.D. in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations from Boston University. She was a Fulbright Scholar and Visting Research Associate at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore.  Her research interests include civic engagement and environmental justice.

Dr. Hoang teaches courses related to international relations, global studies, and public policy. She was also a policy analyst in Los Angeles on education and budget issues, and has been a policy consultant on projects related to female gangs, youth civic engagement, and neighborhood councils for the City of Los Angeles. From 2006-2009, she served as the education policy consultant to promote youth environmental activism for the Million Trees Los Angeles initiative. Her policy work and research have been profiled in the Women's Policy Journal of Harvard-Kennedy School of Government, Sage Publications, Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, KCLU radio, and Ventura County Star. She has also been a speaker at various organizations including the American Association of University Women, World Affairs Council, and Los Angeles United School District.

From 2011-2013, Dr. Hoang was awarded a major research grant from the California Wellness Foundation titled "Promoting Environmental Justice in Oxnard: Integrating Science Into Civic Engagement."  In 2013, Dr. Hoang and her research collaborators were awarded a second major research grant for a project titled "Measuring the Impact of Pesticide Exposure on Neurobehavarial Outcomes in Ventura County, CA."  The project resulted in several professional and academic presentations, and peer-reviewed publications in The Journal of Science in Society and Journal of Business and Economics.