Carolyn Mallory, M.S. Physics

Astronomy Professor


Professor Mallory has 18 years experience teaching college Astronomy and Physics. She also has participated in three Astronomy research projects, most recently doing work on a JPL team which discovered 16 newly formed stars. Her research was printed in the July 2011 issue of The Astronomical Journal.


B.S. Physics UCLA. and CSUN; M.S. Physics CSUN and M.A. Ed CSUN.


Professor Mallory has won several Teaching Awards; most recently, the Golden Apple at Pierce College. She has also been Program Chair for Astronomy for three years.

Founded a very active and large Astronomy Club, in 2004, which features monthly talks by currently researching astronomers, fellowships and JPL tours, Mt. Wilson Telescope use, Dark Skies camping and telescope use Star Parties.


Astronomical Journal, July 2011.

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