Christopher  Njunge

Christopher Njunge, Ph.D

Assistant Professor
Woodland Hills 103B & Swenson 239

Office Hours: 11:20 AM - 12:20 PM Tue & Thur (Benson House) and by Appointment


Chris is teaching International Business and Information Systems and Technology and mentoring students in the MSIT, traditional undergraduate, and Bachelor's Degree for Professionals programs. 

 As an adjunct faculty member at Cal Lutheran since 2015, Chris has taught in the MBA, MSIT, Bachelor's Degree for Professionals and traditional undergraduate programs. He has taught business and information technology courses including Information Security Management, Emergent Technology and Issues, and International Business Behavior.

Chris Njunge received his PhD in Information Systems at Claremont Graduate University. He has more than ten years of experience in Industry having worked in Financial Services for three years, working first in Document Management Systems and later in Investor Accounting. He worked for Intuit Corporation for four years, and Digital Insight Corporation for two years in Data Center Operations. He has held various roles as a Business Analyst, Project Manager and as a Manager.



Ph.D. in Information Systems from Claremont Graduate University

M.S. in Information Systems from California Lutheran University

MBA from California State University at Northridge


Mobile Banking, Business Intelligence, Business Analysis, Project Management and Information Systems Management.


Mugambi A., Njunge C., Yang S.C. (June, 2014) Mobile Money Benefits and Usage: The Case of M-Pesa, IT Professional (16) 3, pp. 16-21.

Njunge, C., and Witman, P. (October 8, 2010) Launching a New Chapter – Gaining Critical Mass, Gathering Critical Input. Invited presentation to the Association for Information Systems Student Chapters Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Witman, P., and Njunge, C. (November, 2015) Service Outsourcing Handoff Run Amok - A Black Box Case Study from the Insurance Industry. Presented at the EdSigCon 2015, Wilmington, NC.

Witman, P. and Njunge, C. (March, 2016). Black Box Thinking: Analysis of a Service Outsourcing Case in Insurance. Information Systems Education Journal (ISEDJ), Volume 14, Issue 2.

Witman, P., Ilie, V., Njunge, C., et al. (August 12, 2016) Social Inclusion across Information Systems Specializations. The symposium brought together 25 researchers to discuss issues of how information systems could promote improved social inclusion across socio-economic, gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, technical capabilities, and other social divides. Held at the Americas Conference on Information Systems, San Diego, CA, August 12, 2016.

Witman, P., and Njunge, C. (August, 2017) Professional Development Symposia Co-chairs. Served as reviewers of and coordinators for the Professional Development Symposia for the Americas Conference on Information Systems, Boston, MA.


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