Francois  Zdanowicz

Francois Zdanowicz, Ph. D.

Adjunct Faculty Member
Swenson Center


Both my education and professional life helped me develop a solid understanding of the diverse factors shaping society, including culture, history, and economics. My studies focused on how shifting identities can influence the construction and functioning of modern societies and political systems. I have led courses in the Political Science and Global Studies in diverse sub-fields of the discipline, including modern ideologies, models of economic development, environmental policymaking and the role of ethnicity in politics (see resume).

In addition to my teaching experience, I also have acquired some field experience in politics and economics both as a reporter in a major Canadian daily newspaper in Eastern Europe during the historical events of 1989-1991, and then as an assistant to Canadian government consultants advising the post-communist government of Poland to draft new laws on public finance and investment banking. 


Ph. D. Comparative Politics, UC Santa Barbara, 2014

Master's Degree, Montreal University, Canada, 1996


Comparative Political Institutions, Russian and Eastern European politics, International Relations, US Politics, Environmental Politics, Political Islam


Please see Resume