Herbert  Gooch III

Herbert Gooch III, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science, Emeritus


Dr. Herbert Gooch was Professor of Political Science at California Lutheran University.  He formerly served as Director of the Masters in Public Policy and Administration program and Assistant Provost for Graduate Studies at Cal Lutheran. A graduate of U.C. Berkeley in History, he holds a M.B.A in Management and both masters and doctoral degrees in Political Science from U.C.L.A.  He has written extensively and is a frequent commentator on political affairs locally and statewide.  He started at Cal Lutheran in 1987 and lives in Newbury Park with his wife and son who attended Cal Lutheran.   His interests include politics, film and travel.


  • B.A.  History from U.C. Berkeley specializing in Modern European Diplomatic and Intellectual History
  • M.B.A. from the Anderson School of Business and Management, U.C.L.A. specializing in Organizational Development and Theory.
  • M.A. in Political Science specializing in International Relations.
  • Ph.D. in Political Science specializing in Political Theory, International Relations, Comparative Government and Latin American Politics.


  • Political analysis and campaign management
  • Public Policy analysis
  • California state and local government
  • Politics and Cinema
  • Terrorism and International Relations