Heidi Coronado, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Counselor Education



Dr. Coronado is a faculty member of the Graduate School of Education and teaches in the Counselor Education Department.  She has played many roles in the educational system and has worked in various educational national and international settings from kindergarten to the university level as a teacher, counselor, parent educator, college professor, and community activist. Dr. Coronado’s work includes: ethnic identity development, educational access and resiliency in immigrant, 1st and 2nd generation Latino/a and indigenous youth; Indigenous epistemologies and wisdom traditions for youth empowerment; class, race, gender and ethnicity in education; critical pedagogy, and Indigenous/Latino/a mental health and healing practices. Through her work, she seeks to continue her activism and create positive change in the educational system. She has also has passion to inspire, encourage, and mentor students so that they will be able to pursue and achieve their goals and dreams.



B.A., California State University Northridge, Cultural Psychology

M.A., California State University Northridge, Educational Psychology

M.S., California Lutheran University, Counseling

Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University


Other Certifications and Credentials:

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Pupil Personnel Services Credential

Mindfulness and Meditation Certification

MBTI Practitioner Certification

Kids Yoga Teacher Certification

Hispanic Association of Colleges and University Leadership Academy

Human Relations Faciliation Training

Mindfulness in Education-UC Berkeley

Mindful Schools Program




Chican@s/Latin@s in Education, Indigenous Pedagogy and Epistemologies, Chicana/o-Latina/o Counseling Psychology,  Ethnic identity development, Mindfulness in Education, Resiliency Development, Class, Race, and Gender in Education; Critical Pedagogy, Indigenous/Latin@/Chican@ Mental health and Healing practices, Decolonization and Healing.



Coronado, H. (2015) Donde Esta Tu Ombligo?E4rth is my Flesh Seeds of Resistance Flor y Canto Issue no. 3

Coronado, H. (2013) Central American Youth in The U.S. (Re) Claiming Identities and Spaces: Educational Experiences and Family Immigration influences On Ethnic Identity And Educational Aspirations. Claremont Graduate University, Doctoral Dissertation.

Coronado, H. (2011) Undocumented Education. AMAE Journal 5(1), 55

Perez, W., Cortes, R.,  Coronado, H., Ramos, R.. (2010) Civic Engagement Patterns of Undocumented Mexican Students. Journal of Hispanic of Hispanic Higher Education, 9(3), 245-265.

Perez, W., Cortes, R., Ramos, K., & Coronado, H. (2010). Cursed and blessed: Examining the Socioemotional and academic experiences of undocumented Latino/a college students. New Directions for Student Services 131, 35-51.

Perez, W., Espinoza, R.,  Ramos, K., Coronado, H., Cortes, R. (2009) Academic Resilience among undocumented Latino Students. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science 20(10), 149-181.

Coronado, H. (2008) Voices of Courage and Strength: Undocumented Immigrant Students. eScholarship Repository, University of California.

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