Andrea L. Huvard

Andrea L. Huvard, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
Science Rm 120

Dr. Huvard's interests are in Marine Biology, invertebrate zoology and underwater videography. She has focused her recent career on the conservation and preservation of marine ecosystems through education. In addition to research articles and textbook materials, her publications include a series of underwater videos that document costal marine ecosystems of the Channel Islands and the Hawaiian Islands. Her current research involves a long-term study of how the input of anthropogenic nutrients can determine the diversity and distribution of certain organisms in marine ecosystems. As an administrator, she is interested in the interdisciplinary nature of modern science and how to deliver this to a new generation of university students.

PhD UCLA, 1991, Marine Biology, Biology, Invertebrate Zoology

MS SDSU, 1995, Marine Biology, Zoology, Invertebrate Zoology

BA Trinity University, 1982, Biology/Psychology