James Mike Jay

James Mike Jay, MSE, MBA

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member

Office Hours: Online -- Contact for mutually convenient time.


Mike has more than 40 years experience in executing studies in consumer insights, pricing, sales force planning, and customer relationship management.  Recent achievements include developing a dynamic pricing engine for a musical instrument eCommerce site using scraped data from over 20 websites and 50,000 products.  He has created product automotive demand models based on click stream data. He also directed the statistics department for a leading marketing research firm with responsibilities for firm wide statistical analysis of all surveys and ad-hoc marketing science projects in segmentation, analytic CRM and customer loyalty modeling.




Master of Business Administration, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, completed course work requirements for a PhD in Marketing (ABD), Beta Gamma Sigma recognition.

Master of Science in Engineering, Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, DeVleig Foundation Fellow.

Bachelor of Science, General Engineering, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, graduated with departmental honors.


Retired advanced analytical professional with expertise in developing innovative data-driven capabilities that drive customer lifetime value and maximize efficiency. I enjoy creating insight driven studies that enable organizations to make decisions that improve corporate strategies and tactical plans.



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