Kimberly L. Howell

Kimberly L. Howell, Ph.D.


My area of research and doctoral dissertation surrounds issues of body image, race, and the effects of place with additional focus on commercialization of body image through various media outlets.  My work seeks to mend the fissures between body and soul by focusing on artistic expression, active imagination, dream tending and other Jungian practices.




Howell, K. (2017). Melancholic Acquaintances and Re-Visioning Hollywood’s Gods: The Pantheon of

Celebrity. Johnson, S.D. (Ed.).  In Seeing in the dark: Wisdom works by Black women in depth

psychology (pp. 57-77).  New York: Malibu Press.


Howell, K. (2016).  Water, Plague, and Synchronicity.  DeVeaux, M. and Selig, J. (Ed). In Pacifica Graduate

Institute: An alumni tribute to 40 years of tending soul in and of the world (pp. 107-110).  Carpinteria,

California: Mandorla. 


Howell, K. (2014). Doctoral dissertation.  Peek-a-Boo! I See You: Capturing the Stories and Images of Invisible

Beauty in Los Angeles.


Howell, K.  (2014). Mediator Between Man and the Gods:  Shamanism and Health.  Gurung, R.A. (Ed.). In

Multicultural Approaches to Health and Wellness in America. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO.


Howell, K. (Photograph). (Summer 2010). Woman in Water and Peering.  Beyond Quarterly.


Howell, K. (Summer 2010).  Chronicles: Short Stories About Culture.  The Diversity Factor: The Society of

Counseling Psychology’s Section on Ethnic and Racial Diversity Newsletter.

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