Lydia F. Etman

Lydia F. Etman, M.A.

Adjunct Faculty Member

She, her, hers


Hello, my name is Lydia Etman and I teach art history.

Born in the US, I grew up in France and have traveled to many countries which I teach about, including many European countries such as Italy, Spain and Greece, the Middle East to Egypt, and Asia (Japan and Thailand… so far). The whole world is on my bucket list; what's on yours?

Although I was a registered nurse in an intensive care unit in France, I changed my field of study when I came back to live in the US, starting my education over at Moorpark College. I then transferred to CSU Channel Islands where I received a Bachelor's degree in studio art and art history, as part of its first graduating class. I received my Master’s degree in Art History from CSUN, and am now working on my Doctorate in Higher Education. My art and art history education is definitely locally grown!

From my past knowledge and experience in the scientific field, I enjoy incorporating anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and other disciplines into my class conversations, as art communicates all types of human concerns and discoveries through time and place. We also talk about business, politics, social sciences, and other topics, including math. The coolest thing about art history is that it is the visual response of humans to their surroundings, just like we respond to ours today, and that your interpretation of what you see is always correct because it is your interpretation.