Margaret  (Peggy) Whealon

Margaret (Peggy) Whealon, M.A.

Field Supervisor


I taught in the Pleasant Valley School District for 38 years. While working in PVSD I taught in Special Day Class settings, as a Resource Specialist, and for 8 years was the Special Education teacher in charge of the autism inclusion program. In this capacity I worked closely with general education teachers and the para educators who supported the included students. When I retired I knew that I was not ready to totally give up my involvement in education. I worked at VCOE as an instructor for the Language and Academic Development Credential and also helped to write the coursework for that credential program. I also worked as an Induction mentor. At that time I also began to work as a special education field supervisor for CLU. My hope was, and continues to be, to support new special education teachers and to share my knowledge and expertise. In the last few years I have also assumed the responsibility of the Special Education Field Work Placement Coordinator. 


Master's Degree in Communicative Disorders-California State University Northridge

Special Education Teaching Credential-California State University Northridge

Bachelor's Degree in Communicative Disorders -California State University Northridge