Robert  Deuson

Robert Deuson, PhD, MSHS, MS

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member
No office

Office Hours: Before and after class, in classroom, upon request


Health economist and Industrial Engineer with over 20 years of experience in Publich Health, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotechnology industries. Life-long teaching experience in Micro- and Macro-economics, Managerial Economics, Information Technology, and Supply-chain management both at the undergraduate and graduate levels (CLU and CSU MBA programs). Entrepreneur.


  • PhD in Applied Economics (U of Minnesota, St Paul MN)
  • MSHS in Industrial Engineering (Health Systems) - Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA
  • Fellowship in Preventive Medicine, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • MS in Agricultural Economics (NMSU, Las Cruces NM)
  • BS in Economics (CalPoly, Pomona, CA)


  1. Economic modeling (cost-effectiveness, budget impact models)
  2. Comparative effectiveness research (CER) and Indirect Treatment Comparisons (ITC)
  3. Patient-Reported Outcomes & Heath-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) studies
  4. Analysis of registry data to evaluate patient outcomes
  5. Development of global value dossiers (e.g. AMCP) and pricing strategy.
  6. Interface with Key Opinion Leaders (clinical and formulary)
  7. Input of outcomes research parameters in the design of clinical trials (phases 2-3)
  8. Observational studies
  9. Strategic business planning
  10. Team development and leadership
  11. Training programs
  12. Staff career development
  13. Selection and management of external consultants
  14. Internal project management
  15. Executive Interface
  16. Patient and customer-centric outcomes research
  17. Advocacy development
  18. Entrepreneurship
  19. Supply-chain management
  20. Educator in MBA programs (CSU, CLU)




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