Stephen  Finch

Stephen Finch, MBA

Senior Adjunct Faculty Member

My first entrepreneurial business was opened in the early 70's. After phenomenal success, additional ventures were originated over the next ten years involving restaurants, clothing, manufacturing and services. There were, of course, some failures. These were more beneficial in many ways than the successes. All of these early ventures were on the East coast. However, in time, unlike New Jersey, California appeared to have a far more enticing life style (mostly the weather) and, after selling several homes and all of the businesses, the move was made. California has proven to have many challenges due to its' diversity of ideas and its' unique outlook on businesses. Since finance is an integral part of any business venture, finance became my prime focus. After attaining an advanced degree and spending many years working with clients in need of financial advice and services, the idea of sharing some of these experiences opened the door to teaching at a post-secondary school level. Financial planning, business entrepreneurship and organizational structures are all part of higher educational goals, which makes teaching at CLU is an ideal fit.

Always remember that motivational keys to success are not as obvious as one might believe and often (not always, but often) they are found by trial and error. Because of this somewhat random approach, it is imperative for students of finance to enter the classroom with an open mind and a willingness to discover new and creative ways to manage their and others financial challenges. Try to learn from the mistakes and successes of others rather than stumble with blinders into the financial world.

Teaching continues to be a fantastic way to share some of my experiences to those truly seeking to understand finance. 


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California Lutheran University


As with our other Adjuncts and Senior Adjuncts, my passion is teaching. I am fortunate in that my varied careers have provide an enormous wealth of insight into the mechanics of business success as well as business failure. Although my teaching career at CLU is a scant eleven years, in business one teaches every day of the week, year in and year out. And my business career is over Forty years long. This is where experience pays off and this is the insight I share with my students.

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