Sunyoung  Park

Sunyoung Park, PhD

Assistant Professor, Master of Science in Clinical Psychology
(805) 493-3780
Bell House 116 (3263 Pioneer Street #4250)

Office Hours: By Appointment at


PhD   University of Texas at Austin     Educational Psychology, Quantitative Methods

M.A.  University of Texas at Austin      Educational Psychology, Program Evaluation

M.A.  Korea University                       Education, Measurement and Statistics

B.A.   Sogang University                    Psychology / Korean Literature (Double Major)


Applied Quantitative Methods

  - Meta-analysis

  - Hierarchical Linear Model (HLM)

  - Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) 

  - Multiple-membership Random Effects Model (MMREM) 

  - Class-classified Random Effects Model (CCREM)

  - Multivariate Analysis

  - Longitudinal Data Analysis

  - Bayesian Estimation 

  - Item Response Theory (IRT)

  - Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Estimation 

  - Simulation Study

Statistical Packages

  - R, SAS, STATA, MLwiN, Mplus, HLM, Amos, SPSS





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Baek S. E., Ahn, M., Park, S., Kim, S., Chi, S., & Ahn, C. M. (in press, 2018). The Korean Behavior Assessment System for Children-2, Teacher Rating Scales-Preschool Form (K․BASC-2, TRS-P): A Validation Study via Item Response Theory.  The Korean Society for Early Childhood Teacher Education. 22(6) 147-168.

Sheridan, S., Smith, T., Kim, E., Beretvas, S. N., & Park. S. (2018). A Meta-Analysis of Family-School Interventions and Children’s Social-Emotional Functioning: Child and Community Influences and Components of Efficacy. Review of Educational Research. 89(2), 296-332.


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