Vahe  Karamian

Vahe Karamian, M.S.

Introduction to Game Programming: Using C# and Unity 3D

This book is written with two objective in mind, first, to introduce the reader to the concepts of programming using C#, second, to put into practice the concepts in a fun and entertaining way by developing computer games and game design concepts. The book is intended for specific audience. It is assumed that the reader has a passion for the study of computer science, and that they have a passion in game design and development. The future of Human Computer Interaction is going to be through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the coming years. This books will give you the building blocks for the path-way to the future.

Building an RPG with Unity 5.x

Unity is one of the most cutting-edge game engines in the world. Developers are looking for the best ways to create games of any genre in the engine. This comprehensive guide on building an RPG with Unity teaches you high-end techniques currently used in developing modern games - the tips, tricks, and techniques can be applied to your own role RPG.

Topics Covered:

  • Designing and developing levels and quests.
  • Game Settings for your RPG
  • Graphics User Interface design with the new Unity UI Architecture
  • Navigation and Pathfinding
  • Artificial Intelligence for the Player and Non-player Characters
  • Inventory System for equipment, characters, enemies and etc…
  • Network programming and multiplayer games
Available from Amazon, Packt Publishing, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.


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