In the News

  • Students create mini exhibit on oceans
    Tue April 4, 2017

    A small interactive exhibit created by California Lutheran University students to educate people on the state of the world’s oceans will be on display April 22 through May 13.

  • A dry spell to remember
    Fri March 17, 2017

    Ramifications of and local responses to California's worst drought in a millennium are the subject of a documentary by two students and a professor.

  • Food for worms
    Fri March 17, 2017

    Vermicomposting is the latest piece of a strategy to discard less and grow more on campus – toward a food system we can live with.

  • Expert will discuss the future of food
    Thu February 2, 2017

    Food systems of the future and the ethical questions they raise will be the topic of free lectures at California Lutheran University.

  • Great work of our time
    Wed November 30, 2016

    As the Reformation turns 500, some see the climate crisis as cause for a new one.

  • Environmentalist to discuss global warming
    Wed September 14, 2016

    An environmentalist will give a free public presentation at California Lutheran University as part of the First-Year Experience program.

  • There are holes in our buckets: Q&A with Andy Pattison
    Wed November 5, 2014

    Everything you can do to save water helps, as long as you start with the big things, explains Andy Pattison, a visiting instructor in the Master of Public Policy and Administration program.

  • Another look at pesticides, from every angle
    Mon March 10, 2014

    Cal Lutheran is bringing an array of tools to bear in its effort to understand the risks of exposure to chemicals on and around Ventura County farmland.

  • Minding the hive
    Wed July 17, 2013

    In the newest phase of sustainable gardening on campus, students and faculty members are building a Small Creatures Sanctuary, beginning with a home for honeybees.