Supplementary Authorization


EDTE 522 Technology Information Systems for Educators (3 credits)

This course provides an overview of technology for the classroom teacher, including issues of cyber-safety, learning environments, software, networking and professional learning communities. Students explore current and future trends in educational technology as well as participate in collaborative tech plan and grant writing scenarios.

EDTE 524 Media and Technology in the Classroom (3 credits)

This course focuses on the pairing of technology with effective instructional strategies. Students in this course will implement the following technology genres: Word processing applications, organizing and brainstorming software, multimedia, data collection tools, and Web resources. This course focused on how to effectively implement technology into the classroom and better engage students in the learning process.

EDTE 526 Educational Technology for Teachers (3 credits)

This course presents an introduction to basic computer structures and systems. Students increase their knowledge of both Mac and PC platforms as well as conquer basic troubleshooting issues. Students also learn to identify common software and hardware issues and develop a working knowledge of solutions as well as resources for finding solutions to possible future problems. In addition to basic computer systems, candidates will explore additional peripheral devices such as handhelds, adaptive technologies, tablets, netbooks, interactive whiteboards, and cell phones.

EDTE 528 Software for Educators (3 credits)

This course provides a comprehensive overview of current educational technology programs including many web 2.0 and distance education technologies. It includes a focus on instructional design theories and an emphasis creating and utilizing resources for the K-12 classroom. Students are exposed to a variety of programs and media and will create one major project during the semester.