Ethnic and Race Studies

Bachelor of Arts

A true leader views the world through cultural lenses.

Study ethnic and racial groups’ experiences in the United States and how they shaped the current society with their social justice efforts.

The Curriculum
First-hand experience

Engaging with communities of colors gives you critical perspectives and cross cultural communication skills. You’ll have the opportunity to gain experience with fieldwork or internships in these communities.

A cross-disciplinary major

How have race and ethnicity been defined, constructed, and applied in different places and times? How do they intersect with other ways of understanding difference, such as gender, class, nation, and religion? In this cross-disciplinary major, you’ll answer these questions by working closely with dedicated professors from across multiple fields of study. From Theatre Arts, English, Political Science, and more, you’ll graduate with a global worldview that will make you a marketable candidate in your future careers.

Double your major

This program offers many electives that also count toward general education requirements, so you can easily add Ethnic and Race Studies as a double major. Electives include:

  • Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Crime
  • Chicano Literature
  • Civil War: Slavery to Civil Rights
  • Multiculturalism, Race & Politics in U.S.
  • Gender Studies

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The Experience

Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Crime

This course examines the impact of gender, race, ethnicity and class in the criminal justice system. You will also examine the perception of minority groups as offenders and victims.

Immigration in the Global Age

Immigration is an integral part and phenomenon of globalization. This course covers U.S. immigration policies, economic and social adaptation, and political activism.

Your Future

A degree in Ethnic and Race studies prepare you to become an effective leader in diversity. As the U.S. population becomes more diverse, employers value leaders who can work with people from various backgrounds. They want people who know how to use diversity to reach organizational goals.

Career paths:
  • City and Urban Planning
  • Environmental Justice
  • Human Resources
  • K–12 and Higher Education
  • Journalism
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Marketing
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Public Health
  • Policy Analysis

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More Career Outcomes

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