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Alumni Insurance Program

As you consider your financial future, consider Long Term Care insurance now — because securing coverage today is far more economical than applying in the future. Long Term Care (LTC) insurance can help with costs for in-home care, adult day care, or even assisted living.

Buy LTC insurance before your next birthday. Why? Because your age when you apply will impact your premium payments for as long as you have your policy. For instance, the average annual premium for a long term care policy purchased by a person age 55 or younger was $1,831. When the same policy was purchased by someone between the ages of 70-74, the average annual premium was $3,421.

Once you're covered, premiums do not increase with age or if your health deteriorates. So waiting to buy coverage doesn't pay — the sooner you purchase, the less you may pay over time.

Chances are you'll never be healthier than you are right now. You can save if you qualify for a preferred health discount, which will last for the lifetime of the policy, regardless of future health changes. If you wait too long, a sudden decline in health could even become a barrier to obtaining coverage.

Our Alumni Insurance Program offers no-obligation consultations by phone or online so you can discuss your Long Term Care needs with an LTC advisor — free of charge.

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