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Upcoming Alumni Events

Carl Dobsky: Now is the Happiest Time of Your Life

Kwan Fong Gallery

Carl Dobsky’s oil paintings of the savage arena of crude and cruel human behavior are coming to the Kwan Fong Gallery in November.

The Otherworld

William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art

The Otherworld is an exhibit of visionary paintings by artists who imagine the world as another place, where alternatives to everyday reality are made manifest, and landscapes, animals and people are transformed.

The Long War: World War I and II
Fifty and Better Winter Session

Online via Zoom

WWI began with an act of terrorism. WWII ended with the dropping of two atomic bombs.  Though an interval of 19 years divides them, future historians will likely evaluate these global wars as one long war. This class will explore the causes, conduct and consequences of global war in the beginning of the 20th century.

23rd annual Nordic Spirit Symposium

Zoom PST

The 23rd annual Nordic Spirit Symposium will be a two-day virtual program of live presentations.

British Art: In and Out of the Huntington
Fifty and Better Winter Session

HyFlex (Lundring Events Center & Online via Zoom)

This class will give an overview of the works of artists including Thomas Gainsborough, Thomas Lawrence, George Stubbs, William Hogarth and Angelica Kauffman, and of the art of Britain starting from the founding of the Royal Academy of Arts.

Lunar New Year's Eve Celebration
Lunar New Year 2022

Student Union

We invite you to discover Lunar New Year's Eve activities at the CGE like putting up new year red decorations, enjoying a small lunch reunion, giving each other red envelopes with lucky money, and more!

American Design (Part 1): From Pilgrims to Plutocrats
Fifty and Better Winter Session

Zoom PST

This course will focus on the popular styles and design influences from the Pilgrim, Georgian, Federal, Classical Revival, Victorian and Beaux Arts eras. The course will include discussion of the various furniture styles in relation to their interior settings.

Judaism and Christianity
Fifty and Better Winter Session

Zoom PST

This course will seek to go back in time to see the foundations of Judaism and the foundations of Christianity, acknowledging what these two faiths have in common and how they can learn from one another.

Curator Tour of The Otherworld
The Otherworld Exhibit

William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art

Join us just before the exhibit closes as Visual Arts professor and curator Michael Pearce, PhD, leads a tour of the wildly popular exhibit of work that transports viewers to Otherworlds.

Legendary Hotels & Restaurants of Los Angeles
Fifty and Better Winter Session

Zoom PST

This course will explore the social history of our city through legendary hotels and restaurants that have attracted guests since the 1850s. We will focus on the trends and stories behind the Hollywood hot spots.