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Arts & Culture

'Common Ground: Artists Reimagining Community' (Virtual Exhibit)

The work included in "Common Ground" engages, investigates and questions the concepts of what “community” is.

International Education Week
"Women Who Choose to Challenge"

Virtual programming

This year's International Education Week will celebrate “Women Who Choose to Challenge.” Save the dates and stay tuned for the full schedule of programming.

Robin Holder: On Labor and Youth

This exhibit begins with labor, becomes steeped in childhood experiences and ends with a combination of the two.

Framing Architecture and Reimagining Communities
Common Ground Series

Zoom PST

The California Lutheran University Galleries are excited to host an engaging discussion between an artist, a sociologist and an urban planner to collectively examine the framing of communities through architecture, laws (written and unspoken), visual culture, urban planning and more.

Jewish (Mostly) Sacred Music Survey with Daniel Newman-Lessler
Fifty and Better Lecture Series

Zoom PST

This lecture will explore Jewish sacred music and instruments from the biblical period to new music being written by today's leading Jewish composers. Topics will include: music from The Temple, music of the diaspora, Jewish women composers, music during and after the Holocaust, Niggunim, Jewish music by non-Jews and the multi-pronged development of the Jewish Cantor.

Creative Ventures in Art, Design and Luxury Watchmaking
Forward Together Webinar

Zoom PST

In this webinar, Robert Punkenhofer, founding director of ART&IDEA and co-owner of Carl Suchy & Söhne, will talk about the emotional rollercoaster rides and key learnings he has experienced.

'Voices of the Nation' Poetry Series
Reading and conversation with U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera

Zoom PST

The second of a three-part series of live poetry webinars, “Voices of the Nation: Celebrating the Work of U.S. Poets Laureates” will feature a reading and conversation with Juan Felipe Herrera, U.S. Poet Laureate 2015-2017.

Mysteries of the Sistine Chapel: The Hidden Messages of Michelangelo with Christine Maasdam
Fifty and Better Lecture Series

Zoom PST

How does an artist accept a reluctant assignment to complete a massive art project while maintaining his sense of artistic and personal integrity? If you are Michelangelo, raised in the House of the Medici and tutored by the leading intellects, you weave your understanding and knowledge of world philosophy, Humanism, Neoplatonism and Kabbalah into the process of producing the art itself. Michelangelo layered his dissatisfaction with the extravagances and personal gains of the papacy into "secret" hidden messages blended deep into the completed work of art, leaving a legacy that is truly unequaled. Please join us in this exploration of the artistic messages and meanings that Michelangelo strategically placed throughout the Sistine Chapel well over 500 years ago.

Autism Spectrum: Representation and Perception
Common Ground Series

Zoom PST

The panelists, artist Deborah Marin and Emma Salzman, PhD, will discuss public representations and perceptions of autism, support systems available, and the evolving sociocultural understanding of autism. Moderated by Edlyn Peña, PhD, director of the Autism and Communication Center.

How to Find the Right Market for Your Idea or Innovation
Learn how to commercialize your innovation through various lessons and frameworks

Zoom PDT

Every now and then, we come up with a fantastic idea or invent a super-cool technology that could become the next big thing, but it's very difficult to figure out who will pay for it and how to monetize your innovation.