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Sweetheart Stories

Christy Douglass 2008, MBA '09 & B Mackenzie Douglass MPPA '13

He thought I was an old lady. I thought he was a girl. We first connected when Mackenzie was in the MPPA program doing research for a professor. She suggested he interview me as an alumni of her course. Mackenzie emailed me. I, a CLU employee at the time, reponded and we made a plan to meet. When he (not she) walked in to see a lady in her 20s (not 50s) we were both taken aback. He conducted the interview in a professional manor, enough so that I didn’t realize the question about my relationship status hadn’t been asked of his other subjects. We said our goodbyes and went on with our days. We both had a strange feeling that something important had just happened. I was not surprised when he emailed me to ask me in a date. Within a week we were head over heels. Within a month we had met most of each others families. Within a year we were married. Six years later, we have two beautiful daughters and still owe it all to that professor who suggested he interview me. She has since admitted that she knew exactly what she was doing…

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