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Elizabeth (Beth) Berry '10 & Lillian (Lily) Berry '20

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It was a chilly December night back in 2006, and Beth was walking through Mt. Clef with some friends. That’s when she saw Lily – this tall, skinny, cute gal in a ridiculous ugly Christmas sweater. Was it love at first sight? No, it was ok they’re a little weird, funny, and cute type of meeting. Alas, winter break was around the corner, and they wouldn’t reconnect until February while watching Lord of the Rings (the extended versions, naturally) with friends. The two quickly started dating, and unfortunately, Lily would not return to CLU for the couples’ second year, instead, she would join the Army as an airborne combat medic. The couple wed July of 2009, and Beth went on to graduate in May of 2010 just a month after Lily was injured in an IED incident in Afghanistan. The couple was reunited in November of 2010 in Germany, where Lily had been stationed, and where they lived for another year. They came back to California in 2012, and Lily returned to CLU in 2017 and graduated in May of 2020. Beth and Lily currently live in Thousand Oaks with their adorable Boston terrier and chickens.

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